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Why the largest NetSuite users rely on Inopeople to manage their leave & attendance ?

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Full-service solution that manages your leave & attendance policy

Automates the process of employees requesting time off, emphasizing attendance deficits and overtime. Determine the team's working hours and holidays. Employees also can use their smartphones to input their attendance and maintain track of their attendance history.

Simplify your HR Process and Help your Employees track their working hours

Monitor the working hours and verify hours with geolocation as well as running reports organized by date, department, or employee with just one click that helps in salary invoice generation according to employees working days.
Mark daily attendance - Leave policy - Automatic leave request - Track Attendance - Manage Payroll - Manage reports & Dashboards

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Inopeople Leave and Attendance for NetSuite users

You can easily customize your time-off policies and pick paid holidays to automatically sync with NetSuite payroll.

Payroll and Employee attendnace in one place.

NetSuite Leave and attendance solution is integrated with payroll management providing you with all of the practical features required for an effective attendance management system. It manages and estimates employees' working hours using automated reports generated by employee dashboards.

Integrate HR activities with Payroll

Eliminate the inefficiency of management and reduce hassle of managing different dashboards.

Manage employees effectively

Tracking your employees leave and attendance become easier as all data displays on dashboard.

Online attendance

No need for attendance machines, this solution enables to gather employees attendance data in real-time.

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NetSuite Leave and attendance Support

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