NetSuite Human Capital Management

Enable your HR & Payroll team to use Oracle NetSuite.
One Place will keep your team happy.

NetSuite human capital management

Built inside NetSuite

Payroll is 100% connected to finance

Support SuiteCloud Capabilities (workflow, Analytics,..)

Built for the Middle East

Managing your people might be challenging.
InoPeople make it a whole lot easier, quicker, and less stressful.

netsuite human capital management dashboard
Real-time access to employee directory
Expenses and Employee benefits
Automated data analytics

Track your employees’ productivity in one solution,
customized for your business.

NetSuite human capital management report
Overtime Management and Calculation
Localized Payroll automation
Multi-subsidiary and Multi-currency management

Easy workflow with the most effective solution
that helps you better support your team.

NetSuite human capital management chart
Tackle your To-do list with personalized reminders
Search for a employee or documents in a second.

Calculate leave days for automatic payroll processing

Oracle NetSuite
Human Capital Management

Say goodbye to external excel sheets. With Inopeople’s HR platform, being a connected, innovative HR leader within your organization is your new normal.